1993 Mumbai Blast
  • On March 12, 1993, a series of 13 blasts ripped through Mumbai
  • 257 people were killed and over 700 seriously injured
  • Property worth Rs. 27 crore was damaged
  • Abu Salem Sentenced To Life In 1993 Mumbai Blasts Case
  • Two Get Death In 1993 Mumbai Blasts Case
  • Tahir Merchant and Feroz Khan sentenced to death
  • Abu Salem convicted under stringent sections of TADA Act
  • TADA is Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act
  • Salem convicted of Section 123 of the IPC added with 302
  • Salem convicted under Section 32 of TADA

1993 Mumbai Blast

The maximum sentence under these sections is death, but Abu Salem cannot be awarded death because of the amendment in the law in 1993

  • This trial of seven was the second in the 1993 case
  • Main trial of 123 accused ended in 2006 with the conviction of 100
  • Another convict, Karimullah Khan sentenced to a life term
  • Another convict, Riyaz Siddiqu sentenced to 10 years in jail
  • Abu Salem was extradited from Portugal 12 years ago
  • Special court slaps a fine of Rs. 2 lakh on Abu Salem
  • Abu Salem held guilty of murder, supplying arms & other serious offences
  • CBI had asked for life imprisonment for Abu Salem
  • Criminal Abu Salem was extradited from Portugal in 2005
  • Abu Salem cannot be sentenced to death because of a guarantee to Portuguese
  • Key conspirator, Mustafa Dossa was extradited from the UAE
  • Mustafa Dossa died of a heart attack in June 2017
  • A number of other accused in the case remain on the run
  • India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim remains on the run
  • Abu Salem convicted of transporting weapons from Gujarat to Mumbai
  • The special court recorded statements of around 800 witnesses
  • Abu Salem had confessed to crime during investigations carried out by CBI
  • This was second part of trial in serial blasts case
  • The case involved seven accused by a TADA court in Mumbai
  • In the first part that ended in 2007, anti-terrorism court convicted 100 people

Yakub Memon was hanged in 2015 after a historic middle-of-the-night hearing in which the Supreme Court dismissed his final appeal.

1993 Mumbai Blast

  1. Air India Building
  2. Bombay Stock Exchange
  3. Zaveri Bazar
  4. Hotel Sea Rock
  5. Hotel Juhu Centaur

1993 Mumbai blasts: Death for 2, Abu Salem, Karimullah Khan get life

Taher Merchant and Feroze Khan, two of the five convicts in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts+ case, were on Thursday sentenced to death by a special Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act court.

Two others, Abu Salem and Karimullah Khan were sentenced to life+ in jail.

Another convict, Riyaz Siddiqui, was sentenced to 10 years in jail.

On March 12, 1993, serial blasts in the city killed 257 and left over 713 injured.

1993 Mumbai Blast

The sentencing comes after extensive arguments were made by the prosecution and defence since June 16 when the court had convicted Salem, Merchant, Feroze and Karimullah on charges of criminal conspiracy , murder and indulging in acts of terrorism that cause death. Siddiqui was found guilty on the lesser charge for abetting and aiding terrorism.

While CBI special public prosecutor Deepak Salvi sought the death sentence for Merchant, Feroze and Karimullah, he pressed for life sentences against Salem and Merchant.

The charge against Salem could have attracted the maximum punishment.

But since he was extradited from Portugal in 2005, a Lisbon court has held that he cannot be awarded death here.

Salem, though his lawyer, has also argued that he cannot be jailed for more than 25 years as assured by the Indian government.

Key conspirator Mustafa Dossa, 60, against whom Salvi had also sought the death penalty, died pending sentencing.

The case against him has since abated and there will be no sentence pronounced against him.

Qayyum Shaikh, 64, behind bars for almost 11 years, was acquitted for lack of evidence.

This trial of seven was the second in the 1993 case.

1993 Mumbai Blast

The main trial of 123 accused ended in 2006 with the conviction of 100.

Yakub Memon, brother of prime absconding accused Tiger Memon, was hanged in 2015, and the others have served or are serving time.

Salvi said trial for the seven, arrested between 2003 and 2010, had to be separated as they were nabbed after a substantial portion of the previous trial was completed. With no other accused currently in custody, the verdict will be the last in the case for now.

Thirty-three accused are absconding, including key conspirators Dawood Ibrahim, his brother Anees Ibrahim, Mustafa’s brother Mohammed Dossa and Tiger Memon.

Condemning both, Merchant and Karimullah, for being “main conspirators” in the Mumbai blasts of ’93, Salvi stressed on how Merchant “worked with Tiger Memon”.

He backed his death plea by pointing to “anguish, agitation and frustration expressed by Taher Merchant due to the situation prevailing in Mumbai during the period riots in January, 1993”.

He continued that Merchant was proven guilty of “actively participating in several meetings” and “must be held directly responsible for the bomb explosions which were deeply rooted in the conspiracy discussed in various meetings in Dubai”.

1993 Mumbai Blast

Similarly, Karimullah’s role as a member of the Ejaz Pathan gang and his active role in the landing of arms and ammunitions in Shakhadi were pointed out by Salvi.

Both accused had knowledge of the “object of the conspiracy” but did not avert the crime although they had the chance to do so, pointed out Salvi, as one of the aggravating factor.

That he had absconded was another aggravating factor. “The victims and their families were denied justice by the inordinate delay of 24 years as he remained absconding”

1993 Mumbai Blast

Why Abu Salem Got Life Sentence, While Yakub Memon Was Hanged

  • Salem had used fake identity of a Pakistani national to escape gallows in India
  • Amendment was made to Indian Extradition Act of 1962 to facilitate his extradition
  • India had to give an assurance to Portugal that he will not be given death sentence
  • Without this assurance Salem could not have been extradited.
  • Salem has been convicted of Section 123 of IPC added with 302, and Section 32 of TADA
  • Abu Salem was brought from a country which bars capital punishment.

1993 Mumbai Blast

  • The 1993 amendment to Indian Extradition Act, 1962 and Section 34 (c) was needed
  • Government was facing problems in getting Salem extradited from portugal
  • Portugal has banned death sentence.
  • This amendment acted as an assurance to those countries
  • Yakub Memon, brother of prime accused Tiger Memon, was hanged in 2015
  • The investigation in the 1993 Bombay Blasts Case was long-drawn
  • The procedure began after a ‘Red Corner Notice’ was issued against Salem
  • Main hurdle for police was aspect of dual criminality
  • Abu Salem had faked his identity in Portugal
  • There is no death sentence in Portugal and life imprisonment is only for 25 years.
  • On the basis of inputs given by India, Salem was arrested by Portuguese police.
  • India had sent them fingerprints of Salem from the Bombay Police to Portugal
  • Salem had made a fake Pakistani passport in the name of Arsalan Mohsin Ali
  • But because of his fingerprints, his identity was established
  • Monica Bedi had used a fake passport in the name of Sana Malik Kamal
  • After a long-drawn legal battle, Salem’s extradition happened in 2005
  • Then after amendment in the law, India got Salem’s custody
  • Abu Salem was brought to India in November 2005

1993 Mumbai Blast

Who is Abu Salem

  • Abu Salem was born in a lower-middle-class family
  • Abu Salem was born in in Sarai Mir village of Azamgarh district, UP
  • Abu Salem worked in the Dawood Ibrahim gang as a driver

Abu Salem introduced a new strategy of hiring unemployed Muslim youths from his hometown Azamgarh to come to Mumbai, execute shoot-outs and return to Azamgarh the next day remaining untraced by the Mumbai police.

  • Abu Salem is infamous for terrorizing the Bollywood film industry
  • Salem extorted money from film producers and usurped the overseas distribution rights
  • Abu Salem and Monica Bedi were arrested in 2002 in Lisbon, Portugal
  • Abu Salem, Monica Bedi were sentenced to jail in Portugal
  • Abu Salem was extradited to India on November 11, 2005
  • Salem was extradited after a prolonged legal battle in Portugal

ROLE IN Mumbai 1993 blasts

  • Abu Salem was close to Anees Abu Salem and Mustafa Dossa
  • Abu Salem went to Bharuch to get arms and ammunition
  • The ammunition haul was stored in the suburb of Bandra
  • On Anees Abu Salem instruction, Salem gave arm to actor Sanjay Dutt and other
  • Abu Salem went back to Sanjay Dutt and recovered the arms
  • The arms and ammunition were part of goods that were sent from outside of India
  • The arms and ammunition had landed in Mumbai via the sea route
  • The use of these weapons was to terrorise
  • Abu Salem gave arms to spread terror in keeping with the conspiratorial design
  • After the blasts these arms were kept at Bandra resident Zaibunnissas’s house

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